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AP Series of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

TIME:2015-01-26  CLIK:436

AP Series of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

AP Series of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon  is a granular activated carbon prepared from coconut shell. High temperature increase bysteaming inner wall temperature region, the activated carbon activated.

Product characteristics: high quality, clean, maximum hardness, suitable density, large internal structure, high activity, content of fresh raw coconut.

Specification: Lodine Digital: at least 900mg/g (AP09); a minimum of 1000mg/g (AP10); a minimum of 1100mg/g(AP11); a minimum of 1200mg/g (AP12)

The content of impurity: a maximum of 5%

Ash content: up to 3%

The surface density of 450-520kg/ cubic:

Hardness: at least 98%

Application: AP series production design for industrial waste gas, mercury removal, air conditioner, cigarette filter, purification, purification of carbon dioxide methane adsorption, achieve the best.

Packaging: 25 kg / bag, liner seal.

Application: 4X8 mesh size; 6X12 mesh; 12X30 mesh; 30X60 or customized according to customer requirements.

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