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Polyalumi Rlillm Sulfate (PAS)

TIME:2015-01-26  CLIK:412

Polyalumi Rlillm sulfate (PAS)

Polyalumi Rlillm Sulfate is a macromolecule polymer, molecular structure, adsorption ability, water purification effect is better than that of all the traditional inorganic water purifier. In raw water after the flocculation of large, precipitation speed, high activity, good filterability. And adaptability to all kinds of raw water is strong, little effect on the pH of the water (pH4-11). Regardless of raw water turbidity of wastewater pollutants concentration size, its purification effect is remarkable. Small usage relatively, for equipment, pipeline corrosion resistance is small, convenient operation, purification of low cost.


1. Purify drinking water;

2. Can be widely used in industrial water and sewage, e.g.: Wastewater purification of papermaking, printing and dyeing industry;

3. Purification of lead, cadmium, chromium, sulfide wastewater;

4. Purifying flotation tailing overflow red water, treated water can be used as industrial water;

5. Purification fluoride raw water, oily wastewater, oil field water injection and oil/water separation of kerosene factory.

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