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Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC-VI)

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Poly Aluminum Chloride(PAC-VI)

PAC-VI used bauxite, muriatic acid or aluminum in hydrochloric acid, calcium aluminate powder, made with advanced technology, with good flocculation effect, low price, getting the solid product by the spray drying technology, yellow or brown powder.

Characteristics and Performance

* Low dosage than traditional aluminum sulfate flocculant, the flocs formed quickly, precipitate fast, after purification, the residual free aluminum content is low, the water quality is good.

* Less water basicity consumption, the pH value decline low

* Dissolve easily, water insoluble low, little corrosion

* Wide range of pH value 5.0~9.0

* The effect is obvious for phosphorus, sulfur, ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment


1. All kinds of industrial wastewater treatment (paper making, printing, dyeing, leather, ceramics, metallurgy, mine, oil, containing fluorine, coal, food and other industrial wastewater)

2. Water reuse treatment

3. Oilfield water treatment

4. Circulating cooling water treatment

5. Industrial water treatment

6. Urban waste water treatment.

Packaging, Transportation and Storage

1. Solid:25KG/woven bag with PE inner or20kg/ two-layer-PE bag. Liquid:              Plastic Drum or Flexi tank

2. The effective storage life of liquid PAC is 6 months, solid PAC is 12 months. Solid PAC should be kept in a dry and ventilated place, protected from moisture in the air. In case being exposed to moisture, it doesn’t have effect on the using.


In order to achieve best coagulation and economic benefits, first must have quantitative mixing coagulation test to determine the best usage before using this product, then carry out the productive debugging.

ductive debugging.

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